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 On the right track (Chunin)

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PostSubject: On the right track (Chunin)   Wed Sep 03, 2008 8:18 am

1. Run errands till you have 680,000 ryo.
2. Sell your "Larger House" and buy a "Three Story House".
3. Then train you Weapon offense to 640.
4. Train you Weapon defense to 1,000
4. Level up while getting your intelligence to 50+. (Use all level ups to train intelligence)
5. Do not train your intelligence beyond 100. (Convert the extra Chakra/Stamina into Weapon defense/offense)
6. Rank up to Jounin.

Option B:

This is for those people who prefer to stay Chunin rank the rest of the game.

1. Get the occupation "Servant".
2. Run errands till you have 680,000 ryo.
3. Sell your "Larger House" and buy a "Three Story House".
4. Train Weapon offense to 19,750. This should cap your pools exactly.
5. Train your Willpower to 100k
6. Train your Strength to 100k
7. Train the jutsu "Devil's Stab" to level 100.

Notes: You should be running missions this entire time as long as you can one hit them with no jutsu or the Genin jutsu "Senbon Strike". You should be raising your "Devil's Stab"'s level with ryo from you alt.
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On the right track (Chunin)
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