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 Rising up (Genin)

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PostSubject: Rising up (Genin)   Wed Sep 03, 2008 8:17 am

1. Run errands until you save up 42,000 ryo.
2. Sell your "Large Apartment" and buy the "Larger House" for 38,500 ryo, then use the remaining 2,500 ryo to purchase 10 Exploding tags for your journey to the Old Cabin. The 1,000 ryo that is left is for any hospital bills.
3. Go to the "Old Cabin" Located at 12,6 to check for a Bloodline (This may take a few times due to death).
4. Go back to your home village.
5. Depending on what Bloodline you get you may want to reconsider changing your Offense type.
6. If you do not get a Bloodline, donít worry about it.
7. Train you weapon offense 410.
8. Train weapon defense to 250.
9. Train you intelligence to 20.
10. Rank up.
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Rising up (Genin)
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