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This is my version of guides to help TNR users.
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 Not done yet (Special Jounin)

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PostSubject: Not done yet (Special Jounin)   Fri Feb 06, 2009 3:34 am

1. Get the Occupation “Handyman”.
2. Train your Taijutsu offense and Genjutsu defense to 46,500. (While training do A or B missions to improve your health).
3. Use ryo made from an alt or Battle Arena to begin training the Special Jounin Special Jutsu, "Roaring Dragon". (It is also recommended that you save money for the 50 million ryo "Minor Castle", which provides +25 regen).
3. Now that your pools are capped, begin training your strength and willpower to 100k.
4. When training your strength, use the excess chakra to heal yourself and others by becoming a Medical Ninja ( you will not lose the medical experience from before, despite how many times you quit the occupation).
5. Once your Strength and Willpower are both 100k, train your Taijutsu offense to 500k.

Final: Once you have completed this training regiment feel free to train your speed/int or raise your defenses as you deem fit. You may also learn other jutsu at your discretion.

--Written and Edited by GreenDragon
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Not done yet (Special Jounin)
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