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 Almost there (Jounin)

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PostSubject: Almost there (Jounin)   Fri Feb 06, 2009 1:51 am

1. Train your Taijutsu offense to 3,505 (Do not level hold).
2. Train your Genjutsu defense to 3,000 (Do not level hold).
3. Train Intelligence to 100 if it is not there yet.
4. Because you are training your offense past your defense, you should have some leftover chakra. To make good use of it, take the Medical Ninja occupation and use it to heal yourself or other players. Once you have reached your Taijutsu offense goal, you may quit the occupation.
5. Rank up to SJ.

Option B:

This option is for users who plan on being Jounin the rest of the game.

1. Get the occupation “Handyman”.
2. Train your Taijutsu offense and Genjutsu defense to 24,500. This should cap your pools exactly.
3. Train your Strength to 100k
4. Train your Willpower to 100k
5. Train your offense to 500k
6. Train the jutsu “Barrage of Might” to level 75.

Notes: Train your Barrage of Might with ryo from your alt. Run missions as soon as you can one hit the AI without any jutsu.

--Written and Edited by GreenDragon and Hello7410--
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Almost there (Jounin)
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