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This is my version of guides to help TNR users.
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 Starting out (Academy Student)

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PostSubject: Starting out (Academy Student)   Thu Feb 05, 2009 11:52 pm

~Read all steps before proceeding~

1. Make sure to head one square north of your village after training/running errands. Then set up your camp (You must wake up again to train, discontinue this once you buy your home).
2. Run errands until you save up 3,000 ryo and buy the "Large Apartment".
3. Train Taijutsu offense to 95.
4. Train Genjutsu defense to 95.
5. Run errands until you have gathered another 3000 ryo.
6. Level up and train 1 jutsu and 2 Intelligence per level, this will use your entire pools. (Do not train your jutsu past level 5, as you only need 5 in each of the jutsu to rank up).
7. Use all your extra CP/SP running errands.
8. After you reach 12 Intelligence train 2 jutsu levels between leveling up.
9. Train the jutsu to level 5.
10. Rank up to Genin

Notes: Anytime you are training Taijutsu offense and Genjutsu defense, be sure to alternate between the two depending on which of your CP/SP is higher. Try and train the same amount as your last training. The goal is to have balanced pools without losing any Chakra and Stamina.

Notes: At any time you can switch training your Genjutsu defense with Ninjutsu defense. The pool result and training cost are the same so it makes little difference.

--Written and edited by GreenDragon and Hello7410--
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Starting out (Academy Student)
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